How to Optimise the Perfect Landing Page for Local SEO?

Are you wondering why you should spend time focusing your efforts on local SEO and building the perfect location page for your business? The answer is simple: you want to be found where users are searching. In fact, 78% of local-mobile searches result in offline sales. If you don’t show up in these results, you’re missing out […]

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GA Jacob Discussion

Search intent whitepaper & learning center expression of interest Wondering how you can predict how SERPs will change and evolve? Want to get some more information about different kinds of search intent and we can use them? Join the mail list to get the whitepaper Search Intent whitepaper & Learning Center expression of interest Subscribe [...] Read More

What are Backlinks & How Can they Help my Website?

It’s safe to stay that one of the most common questions we get asked as an agency by our clients is: WHAT ARE BACKLINKS & WHY DO I NEED THEM? Well, we understand that..backlinks can sometimes be somewhat of a difficult concept to grasp as a newbie, so that’s why we wrote this blog to […]

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Changes To The Google Shopping Merchant – How They Can Benefit You

In a recent announcement, Google revealed that they’re opening their Google shopping feature to unpaid organic products for free, making this service available to every eCommerce retailer, not just those who pay. This change is a huge opportunity for retailers and will need SEO’s to help them navigate their way through the changes. The free […]

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How Does Google Crawl Websites?

When most people think about search engine optimisation, their thoughts linger on keywords and content. Few understand the importance of understanding your crawlability budget and how it helps not only get your pages indexed but also updated with your new and fresh content. A business needs every advantage in this digital age. You’re competing for […]

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How Many Backlinks Does it Take to Rank On Page One?

The core pillars of SEO are: Technical Off-site, and Content. There are wafts of information out there on ranking signals. It generally falls into technical or ‘on-site’ SEO, content or ‘relevance’, and backlinks or ‘off-site’ SEO.  We can control technical and content SEO. We can do keyword research, create content based on that, optimise title […]

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How to Choose & Find the Best Keywords for Your Website?

Your blog posts are informative, authoritative, and extremely helpful. So why is it that no one is reading them? Usually, it’s because you’re not writing what people are looking for. But, the good news is, you’ve just found the answer that you’re looking for: this step-by-step keyword research guide. You see, proper keyword research is the key […]

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Difference Between White Hat SEO & Black Hat SEO

If you are a business owner and want to get your website recognized by your potential customers, you need to know how to rank high on the SERP (search engine results page). You also need to have a certain level of SEO skills to get that ranking on the first page of Google, and even […]

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Tea Time SEO

Tea Time SEO Higher Traffic and Better Rankings with a free trick you can do in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea?! We call it tea time SEO. Sign up the the email list below, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will send out a quick tip or task that [...] Read More

Best Practices for SEO Copywriting: 7 Tips for Writing Web Copy That Ranks High

“SEO is dead”. We’ve heard the cry go out with eye-rolling-worthy regularity on blog posts all over the internet.   Here’s a heads up, the demise of SEO is fake news. Search Engine Optimization won’t die anytime soon because it quite simply makes sense.  An early experiment conducted by Groupon shows that over 60% of website searches are organic. […]

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