Tea Time SEO

Higher Traffic and Better Rankings with a free trick you can do in the time it takes to brew a cup of tea?!

We call it tea time SEO. Sign up the the email list below, and on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we will send out a quick tip or task that you can execute on your website in 5 minutes. No fee, no upsell, just add biscuits and cake.

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Because SEO can be fun, actionable, and easy! You won’t find any black magic mumbo jumbo in this series, it’s about educating people not scaring them.

We give you the tips and the means, and your job is to go out an execute them! If you can get in the habit of doing these every second business day then you will see an increase in your rankings and traffic, and if you don’t, then send me an angry email at teatimeseo@studiohawk.com.au and I will eat my shoe.

This will not cover everything that you should be doing, nor every SEO concept, but it will serve as a good baseline and help give you some accountability.

As a bonus, we have also included a technical SEO glossary, checklist, and DIRT-y SEO chart for you go analyse, so what are you waiting for? Get that damn kettle boiling!!!

  • SEO technical glossary – don’t get caught out on terms again!
  • Technical SEO Checklist – make sure you go through this on any website you work on
  • DIRT-y SEO chart – understand everything that goes into search intent and technical SEO.