About StudioHawk

StudioHawk is a Google Partner Specialist agency focused on search engine optimisation. We offer responsive, ethical, and authentic SEO services tailored to your website’s unique needs. We have a team composed of passionate professionals who come from diverse backgrounds and offer simplified solutions to complex online marketing challenges.

Our Services Have:

  • A proven track record: We’ve helped multiple companies accomplish their SEO goals and maintained a 300% average ROI
  • Ethical practices: We use 100% white hat SEO to make sure your site succeeds without putting it at risk from Google penalties
  • Value for money: We offer specialist services at reasonable rates
  • Credible management: Our knowledge is vetted by Google every 12 months to maintain specialist status.
  • Complete Transparency: We offer full campaign visibility and comprehensive monthly reporting to give clients the peace of mind that they deserve.

Our Team


Harry Sanders | Founder & Director

“Harry is in charge of making sure that the company is heading in the right direction, and refuses to get off the tools. He specialises in both Technical SEO as well as Offsite SEO and creates only “the best, artisanal backlinks”.   Facebook:


Jacob Stanley | General Manager

“Jacob is in charge of the day to day operations of StudioHawk, making sure things are running smoothly and that we are maintaining our standards of serviceability. Aside from that, he specialises in Keyword Research, Local SEO & Trend Analysis, knowing both of those like the back of his hand.“


Anthony Barone | Senior SEO Specialist

“Anthony is in charge of executing day to day campaigns and ensuring that onsite work is done and actioned. Alongside this he also helps do some advanced Local SEO work working through complex campaigns and issues.“


Lawrence Hitches | Senior SEO Specialist

“Lawrence does a lot of work training and upskilling the team, ensuring that every single team member is pushing the envelope of SEO and ensuring that we are producing results. Alongside that, he does some great work in Offsite SEO and Onsite. “


Nafisa Ayazi | Senior SEO Specialist

“Nafisa is a supporting resource for onsite SEO, and is an absolute go getter, organising the whole team alongside Jacob and makes sure that everyone is performing their best.“


Taylor Merwin | SEO Specialist

“Taylor is a master of going through Google analytics and producing meaningful insights and findings for our clients. She is also great at finding granular things that are missed which she highlights and addresses with the broader team. “


Jillian Reid | SEO Specialist

“Jillian is a swift executer of onsite tasks and handles a lot of reporting and auditing for clients, ensuring that we haven’t missed anything along the way. She is also in charge of coordinating the StudioHawk Learning Centre (Stay Tuned!). “


David Denian | SEO Specialist

“David alongside a plethora of onsite work does a lot of work with Google Tag Manager ensuring that goals are set up correctly and that tracking is running smoothly. He is one of the rare people that understands GTM and its mysterious ways. “


Alexandra Matkowsky | Jnr SEO Specialist

“Alexandra is the newest member of the team, and is currently in charge of a lot of auditing as she builds her onsite skills. “

Our Process


Rankings – With an optimised website, rankings are projected to improve. Our goal is to see your site on Google’s first page for all your targeted keywords so you can capture and convert targeted traffic into customers.


Visits – Strong search engine rankings directs quality, targeted traffic to your site. When your website is found on Google by a user searching for targeted keywords, there’s a great chance this consumer is already interested in what your site has to offer.


Conversions – A conversion happens when a visitor to a website performs an action that helps you achieve a goal. Obviously, the more visitors a site has, the more opportunities it has to convert. Traffic from organic search is proven to be the easiest to convert compared to other traffic referral channels.


Certified by Google

StudioHawk is a Google Partner Specialist agency. A Google Partner Specialist is a step above a Google Partner, being an agency that has shown specialist knowledge above and beyond that of a traditional Google Partner. Every twelve month’s a specialists knowledge is evaluated and tested to ensure only the best of the best retain specialist status.

SEO Campaigns

Certified by SEMrush

Certified by SEMrush. SEMrush is a powerful and versatile competitive intelligence suite for online marketing used by SEO agencies to identify SEO issues, track and measure organic traffic metrics as well as give us insight into the authority of the website amongst its competitors.
Being certified by SEMrush means we know how to use their platform to its full advantage, we’ve even helped to advise them on SEO related features.

SEO Campaigns